Many of us are now doing away with protective cases for our iPhones. We believe in not covering up Jony Ive’s  handywork especially after all the effort and sleepless nights he had while coming up with the iPhone’s iconic design. On the other hand, if you more inclined towards letting your phone slip from your fingers, you may have to consider investing in a protective case for your iPhone.

The G-Form XTREME X iPhone Case has a rather mouthful name but we guess that G-Form wants to really get across that they really mean business. The case doesn’t just look like it can protect your iPhone in a fall, it looks like it can take on all kinds of abuse, including stopping a bullet.

Don’t be fooled by the flexible case material. Made from G-Form’s proprietary Reactive Protection Technology, this high tech material stiffens upon any form of impact and absorbs over 94% of the impact. The front of the case has a slightly raised edge to provide protection for the screen. G-Form even claims that their tests have shown that iPhones have survived from falls as high as 100,000 feet when protected by the G-Form XTREME X iPhone Case.

It is very reassuring to know that the next time you fall from a plane flying at 100,000 feet, your iPhone will most like survive the fall although you probably won’t.



Where to Buy G-Form XTREME X iPhone Case


G-Form XTREME X iPhone Case

The G-Form XTREME X Protective Case for iPhone 5 takes protection to a whole new level, offering unparalleled protection for your portable device.

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