We previously featured the minimalist Corners4 iPhone 5 case that consists of nothing more than just 4 bumpers on the 4 corners of the phone. It was the ultimate minimalist case and the original post is one of the more popular posts here on GetdatGadget. The Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case has a similar concept and is made up of 4 shock absorbent bumpers.

However, unlike the Corners4 that have bumpers made from anodized aluminum, the Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case is made from plastic and is mounted on the phone using adhesive. The Bezl bumpers provide protection where it is needed the most, at the four corners. They also protect the display from scratches when placed flat on a surface. The Bezl bumper are not meant to be reused but if any of the bumpers do drop off accidentally, Bezl will replace it free of charge through their lifetime warranty program.

The Bezl bumpers allow your phone to stand freely on a flat surface either in landscape or portrait orientation. No phone stand required.

Last but not least, the Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case has one huge advantage over Corners4. Because it is made of plastic and not aluminum, the Bezl case costs just half of what the Corners4 costs but still features all the protection. It is available in 10 different colors.



Where to Buy Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case


Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case

The Bezl iPhone 5/5s Minimalist Case is designed to keep the look of your beautiful iPhone and provide maximum protection without hiding your phone.

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