The Phone Case That is Not a Phone Case


The Corners4 for the iPhone 5 is the ultimate in minimalist phone case design. In fact, we are hard pressed to even call it a case because all it is are just 4 anodized aluminum pieces that attach to the four corners of your iPhone.

The Corners4 design is based around the fact that the areas that are most susceptible to damage when a phone falls from height are the four corners and the screen itself. The Corners4 case provides protection for these area. Furthermore, the design allows for the phone to stand on a flat surface in both landscape and portrait mode.

Not bad for a phone case that is not a phone case.



Where to Buy Corners4 iPhone 5 Case


Corners4 iPhone 5 Case

The special anodized and clear coated Bright Silver Corners4 will give your iPhone5 protection and a dramatic new look.

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