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As smartphones grow more powerful, our data storage requirement increase exponentially as the pixel count on the cameras keep increasing and as shooting in 4K video becomes more common. While external memory card prices keep dropping, having enough storage can still be quite expensive especially when you are on an extended vacation. Cloud storage is not an option because of expensive data roaming charges. One possible relatively low cost solution is the RAVPower All-In-One FileHub.

The RAVPower All-In-One FileHub is a charger, router, card reader, and media transfer device all-in-one. At only 5.4oz, it is lightweight to carry with you during travel. As a charger, it features a built-in 6000 mAh power bank to keep your smartphone and tablet charged throughout your trip. It is a memory card reader with support for SD and micro SD formats.

The RAVPower All-In-One FileHub is also a wireless router that converts any wired network into a WiFi hotspot saving you from expensive hotel WiFi charges. Last but probably most importantly, it connects up to 5 devices simultaneously via WiFi, and each of those devices can share and transfer files between your smartphone, tablet, laptop, USB flash drive, USB HDD, memory card or whatever USB storage device you connect to the RAVPower.

The last feature allows the RAVPower All-In-One FileHub to seamlessly share and store all your media files. Whenever your memory card gets full, just transfer it to an external HDD. You can bring along TBs of storage along with you during your vacation and never run out of storage. You can even bring along your HD video collection and share it with everyone during a roadtrip.

The FileHub is compatible with iOS devices including all iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Tab 2 and Note 2. Unfortunately, it currently does not work with Mac-formatted hard drives but it supports NTFS and FAT16/32 formatted drives.

Now if you have the urge to share photos of your travels to your friends, you can do it without limits with the RAVPower All-In-One FileHub.
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