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If you own a huge refrigerator with lots of spare space this might not interest you that much. But if you have a small fridge or even a big one that is jam-packed, you might be interested in this great space saving can beverage organizer. The 12 Can Beverage Dispenser is not only a great space saver, it makes organizing and accessing your favorite beverages in your refrigerator real easy.

With the 12 Can Beverage Dispenser, reaching out for your favorite ice cold can of soda or beer is as easy as a drinks vending machine. The rack is designed to fit your standard 12 oz  soda can perfectly in a horizontal position. The 2 rack levels are sloped slightly so that when you remove the can at the bottom front, the rest of the cans will just roll forward to fill up the space.

The top shelf is level and can be used to store extra cans for replenishing the dispenser. The Beverage Dispenser’s slim wire frame design maximizes the storage space in your refrigerator.

While it would be easier to pick the drink that you want by storing the entire dispenser with just one type of beverage, you can mix and match. To select your beverage of choice just pick up the bottom front can and if it isn’t the one that you want, just put it back into the level above. Repeat until you get the one that you want.

Of course, you are not limited to storing just canned beverages. You are not even limited to using this dispenser in your fridge. It is also a great organizer for most canned foods as long as it can fit into the rack. Use it in your kitchen cabinet, pantry shelves or any other storage space for organizing and easily accessing your canned food.

The Beverage Dispenser is constructed using painted wire frame that is both lightweight and durable.
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