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Aptly named, the NomadPlus Smartphone Battery Pack And Wall Charger will keep all you travelling nomadic types happy on your travels. What makes it stand out from all those powerbanks out there is that it works like an add-on for your existing Apple wall charger and turning it into a compact powerbank.

The NomadPlus Smartphone Battery Pack And Wall Charger is your handy travel companion. Just slip it over your existing Apple charger and plug it into the wall. It will still charge your Apple devices like normal but it will also charge up the built-in internal 1800mAh rechargeable battery once your phone or tablet is fully charged.


The advantage of this 2-in-1 function is that you are less likely to forget about charging the powerbank if it is a separate device. With the NomadPlus, just leave it to charge your device before you go to sleep and you can be assured of both a fully charged device and powerbank the next morning. You can choose to leave the wall charger attached to the NomadPlus and bring it along with you or detach it for a more portable backup battery although with the adapter attached, all it has extra are the charging prongs sticking out.

The NomadPlus comes with polycarbonate oversized welds. It is steel reinforced and impact resistant giving you an assurance of durability and strength. It also charges at 2.4 amps which helps to charge your devices faster. With the NomadPlus Smartphone Battery Pack And Wall Charger, you can be assured of a battery boost whenever you need it.
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