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Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer Prevents Oily Mess

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Are you one of the snobbish ones who prefer eating traditional all-natural peanut butter?  Don’t worry, we are not going to judge you because we too love the genuinely nutty flavor and healthy benefits of natural peanut butter. However, you are probably familiar with this messy problem that is associated with it. With natural peanut butter, you get a layer of oil that sits on top of the jar. You can patiently and very slowly mix the peanut butter using a knife. Even then, more likely than not, you will cause spills and leave an oily mess. There must be a better way to do this. There is and Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer is the answer to your woes.

Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer is the simple but full proof method to stir the separated oil back into the natural peanut butter without causing a mess. This ingenious contraption consists of a crankshaft that is mounted on a jar lid. There are several versions of the mixer available. Each is designed to fit various jar sizes ranging from 2.75 to 3.25 inches. The crankshaft is attached to a mixing rod.

To use the mixer, just remove the lid on your favorite jar of peanut butter and replace it with the Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer. Then give the crank a few good turns while giving it some downward pressure. The oil gets stirred back into the natural peanut butter without leaving a mess because the lid keeps everything within the jar.

When you are done, just draw out the mixing rod by pulling it through the lid. The lid has a gasket that prevents any spills and it doubles up as a mixing rod cleaner. This stops you from creating a mess while preventing another. To clean up the Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer, just wash everything in warm soapy water.
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Where to Buy Grandpa Witmer's Old Fashioned Mess-Free Nut Butter and Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

Grandpa Witmer’s Peanut Butter Mixer stirs in the separated oils from natural peanut butter without splashing or making an oily mess.

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