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For the best home theater experience, you need surround speakers. A multi-speaker setup may involve as many as 6 to 8 speakers. It can even include ceiling mounted speakers. The biggest problem with multi-speaker setups is the wiring. Specifically, how to conceal the wiring. Exposed wiring all over the place is the cause of heated arguments with spouses/girlfriends. Ghost Wire 2.0 are speaker wires for budget conscious home theater enthusiasts and the saver of relationships.

Running concealed speaker wires behind walls and ceilings is a costly affair. Especially if it is done after construction. One cheap alternative is to use plastic tracks. Although they hide the mess, plastic tracks look ugly and cheap.

Ghost Wire 2.0 is a super flat wire with a self adhesive layer. You stick the wire along walls and ceilings. You can also use it to run under a rug. The wire is barely noticeable because it is very thin and similar to painter’s tape. To further conceal the speaker wire, the outer surface can be painted over to match the rest of the wall or ceiling.

The Ghost Wire 2.0 comes with either 2 or 4 conductors. The 2 conductor version is for a single speaker while you the 4 conductor version can be used to connect a pair of speakers. To connect to the wires running from a speaker, the Ghost Wire 2.0 has to connect to special terminal blocks that are sold separately.

A little planning ahead is required. This is mainly to ensure that you cut the lengths correctly. You also have to remember to leave extra length to connect with the terminal blocks. Other than that, running the Ghost Wire 2.0 is a fairly straightforward process.

The finished product is not 100% invisible. But unless you know it is there and looking out for it, it is hardly noticeable. It is costlier than traditional speaker wires and plastic tracks. But it is way cheaper and easier than running concealed wires behind walls and ceilings.
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