Are you the type the always forget to bring along the house keys, bills to pay, shopping lists, letters to mail or even your phone when you leave your home? You need the Unforgettable Doorganizer then.

Why unforgettable? It is bright red in color and you hang it on your house door knob. You can’t miss it when you leave your home. It has 3 pockets that you can store your bills, lists, phone and notes in plus a little clip that you can hang your keys from. At the back of the Doorganizer, there is an open loop for holding larger items like envelopes or even newspapers.

The Doorganizer is made from good quality and durable cotton canvas with attractive stitching and embroidery. It is a great item to have if you are one of those forgetting types and it makes a wonderful gift as well. Also available in black.


Where to Buy The Unforgettable Doorganizer


The Unforgettable Doorganizer

Holds those items that suddenly disappear when you’re on your way out… Ideal for keys, eyeglasses, cellphones, palmheld devices, music players. Even envelopes or newspapers fit into the strip at the back!

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