The backlit iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard lets you type in the dark. It is the perfect keyboard for use with your media center PC, or an Android set-top box or mini PC. The keyboard combines both a full Qwerty keyboard with a mouse pad in a compact form factor that is about the size of a TV remote.

The iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard can be used with just any Bluetooth supported computing device including PC, Macs, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet and more. The touch pad can be used in while holding the keyboard in landscape mode or portrait more like a TV remote. It even supports multi-touch gestures.

The keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB. Fully charged, the battery will last at least a week with normal use.

Like any mini keyboard, you would not want to use the keyboard for typing in lots of text but it is perfect for inputting search text and passwords, quick text chats and navigating an interface that is primarily designed for a touch screen or a keyboard/mouse combination.



Where to Buy Backlit iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


Backlit iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

This iPazzPort mini Bluetooth keyboard integrates the functions of a full Qwerty keyboard and a multi-touch mouse pad but is no bigger than a TV remote.

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