USB power banks are the lifelines of many of our mobile devices but of course they are only limited for charging USB powered devices. What about your larger devices like your laptop for instance? Why isn’t there a power bank for charging your laptop? Well now there is and it is aptly named the ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet.

There will be two different versions of the ChargeAll, a smaller version and a larger version. The larger version has a bigger capacity 18,000 mAh battery while the smaller version packs a 12,000 mAh battery. The smaller ChargeAll has 1 USB port (5V/2.4A) and 1 AC outlet (120V/60Hz) while the larger version has 2 USB ports (1V/2.4A) and 1AC outlet (120V/60Hz). In terms of what the ChargeAll can charge or power, both versions are about the same but the larger version can last longer because of the larger capacity battery.

Though it may not be very comfortable, both versions of the ChargeAll will technically fit in your pants pocket. A backpack or a handbag would probably be more ideal for carrying it. However since you will most likely be buying the ChargeAll to charge larger devices like your laptop, this is not really an issue. Just drop the charger into the laptop bag for example.

So what can you do with a portable AC wall outlet? Besides charging or powering your laptop, you can use it for just about any AC powered device like a flat screen TV, a game console, a fluorescent lamp and table fan. You can also use it for recharging batteries that normally cannot be recharged using USB power like your DSLR batteries or AA/AAA rechargeable batteries.

The ChargeAll does have a couple of limitations though. For safety reasons, you cannot power up anything that requires more than 85 watts of power. This include high powered appliances like an electric kettle or a microwave oven for example. A safety fuse will cut off the power if this limit is exceeded.

The other limitation is that the AC output is 120V 60Hz which is fine for countries using this standard. If you are living in a country that uses 240V 50Hz outlets, devices without dual voltage support will not work with the ChargeAll.

ChargeAll Devices Chart

The chart above shows an example of how many times a battery can be recharged and how long you can power an electrical device using the ChargeAll. As you can see, even the smaller version will be able to keep your iPhone 5S charged up for an entire week.

ChargeAll is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo. At time of posting, it has almost doubled its funding goal of $30,000. If you wish to get a ChargeAll before everyone else, head on over to their Indiegogo page and pledge for one of the many perks available.



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ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet

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