Is life getting too fast paced and hectic for you? Do you wish that you can slow down time and take life easier? The Quarter Word Clock doesn’t really slow down time of course but it does make time crawl. At a glacial 15 minutes per flip crawl.

The Quarter Word Clock is a re-imagining of the Analog Dial Flip Clock we featured sometime ago. Sometimes the digital world is going so fast, we need to step back and revert to analog devices to help slow things down. The Quarter Word Clock is a flip clock that updates once every fifteen minutes and it uses words instead of digits to tell time.

You will only have a rough idea of the actual time at best and the only time you can tell the time accurately is the instance that it flips. Waiting for the clock to flip the time reminds us of the old saying, “A watched kettle never boils“.



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Quarter Word Clock

The Quarter Word Clock is an analog flip clock that makes time seem to slow down to a crawl. A glacial 15 minutes per flip crawl. Buy from