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Building your own computer from scratch used to be a rites of passage of sorts for the computer geek. You aren’t a member of the big boys’ club unless you can build your own rig and install the OS. Only the most hardcore build their own computers nowadays as it is cheaper, faster as well as easier to just buy a fully assembled computer. However the guys who created the Kano Computer Kit are aware of the fun and educational value of building your very own computer and learning to code on it.

The Kano Computer Kit is a great tool for young and budding creators and programmers to learn about computing and the art of programming. It has everything that you need to assemble a fully working computer except for the monitor which you have to supply your own. Kano does not use standard off-the-shelf parts but special Kano modules that are designed to be easier to assembled compared to standard parts. In fact, the idea behind Kano was to design a computer that can be built like a Lego set.

The included Kano motherboard is a board that is packed with Kano’s newest and improved customized OS. Also included are a transparent housing for the board, components to build a speaker for the computer, a keyboard with built-in touchpad, cables and a memory card. The kit comes with an illustrated step-by-step book that tells kids how to do assemble everything themselves. It even has some fun stickers for the child to customize the look of the Kano computer.

The Kano Computer Kit gives children the experience of building their own computer and then teach them how to code programs and games such as Snake, Pong, Minecraft, and others. Learning how to program can lead to a lucrative career and you may very well be the parent of the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

The Kano Computer Kit adds a touch of fun to the usually daunting programming task. Kids can create their own paintings using programming or learn about the command line using a game called Terminal Quest. In addition, kids can add sounds to games like Pong and Minecraft. The kit also includes challenges that can keep your kids engaged and preoccupied for the whole week.

Another fun experience that kids can have with Kano Computer Kit is creating their own characters and sharing it with other creators. Now who says programming is boring and difficult?

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