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When it comes to portable keyboards for our mobile devices, we are having a bit of a conundrum. On one hand we want a keyboard with tactile feedback that is large enough for us to type comfortably, quickly and accurately but yet we do not want something that is too large to easily carry around. It is almost impossible to satisfy both requirements but incredibly the TextBlade portable keyboard may just be the keyboard we are all looking for.

While there are virtual keyboards, typing is not as easy as having a physical keyboard as the lack of a tactile feedback makes it almost impossible to touch type. On the other hand, folding physical keyboards are still too bulky to carry around. The TextBlade portable keyboard looks and functions very differently from any mobile keyboard in the market today and that is why it is so awesome!

First of all, its main advantage is its portability. The TextBlade is stackable and when collapsed, it is about the size of two packs of gum and easily fits into your pocket meaning that you can take it with you anywhere you go. The Textblade works with newer versions of all iOS and Android devices.

The different pieces that make up the TextBlade snaps together magnetically when not in use. The keyboard is made up of four components — a stand for holding the phone or tablet, two blades each with eight combined keys, a space bar which houses the battery and LED notification light.

Each of the eight keys support a combination of keys, known as MultiLayering. However, the layout of the keys is similar to a full-sized keyboard. The magic of software allows the TextBlade keyboard to correctly guess the intended key stroke. This means the user’s hands will travel less throughout the keyboard but most importantly, the keys provide a tactile feedback similar to typing on a laptop keyboard.

The TextBlade Portable Keyboard is based on an 80/20 philosophy which is 80 percent of the time users do not need a keyboard for their mobile devices and 20 percent of the time it can come in handy. When unfolded for use, the keyboard is larger than the touch keyboard on a tablet but when folded, it is much smaller than a smartphone. The keyboard is approximately 1/3 the size of a phone and weighs just an ounce and a half so you would barely notice it in a pocket.

The TextBlade Portable Keyboard also includes deeper editing tools and other built-in features. For instance, holding down the “D” and “F” keys will let you move the cursor by word, line, or letter using the arrow keys. There are also built-in cut and paste tools such as undo or redo.

To assemble and turn on the TextBlade, simply click the two key blades together and attach them magnetically to the spacebar, which in turn activates the Bluetooth connectivity. This will then make pairing with the mobile device a breeze. When not in use, the TextBlade folds up into itself with each piece snapping together using magnets. The stand then slides over the other stacked pieces.

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