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The Kindle is one of the most popular ebook readers as more and more book lovers replace their hardcovers and paperbacks with electronic copies. While the Kindle is a great replacement for heavy and bulky books, they are also delicate gadgets that needs to be protected from both damage and theft. Keep your Kindle safe from both with the Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle.

A certified “Made for Kindle” accessory, the Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle is made from hard constructed super durable animal friendly “leather” on the outside. The inner covering is made from advanced microfiber material ensuring utmost softness for your device. With its patented strap system and silicone-enhanced corners, you are sure that your Kindle will be securely snugged in place. With the Verso Prologue Cover on, your Kindle looks just like a simple but elegant looking notebook. Should you leave your Kindle unattended in a public place, chances are no one will give your Verso Prologue Cover clad Kindle a second look, keeping it safe until you return for it.

The Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle is also compatible with the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch. The cover may require a short breaking-in period due to its durable construction. It gives your Kindle a classy look and supple feel. Its sturdy cover ensures that your device is protected from damage. Its carefully embossed embellishments and antique foil stampings gives it a sophisticated look.

The Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle does not remove the functionality of your e-book reader. The charging and headphone ports are still accessible even when the cover is in the closed position. Reading e-books from your device is still as convenient as ever.

The Verso covers come in multiple designs, each one featuring an elegant and classy cover design.
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