Most of us use our smartphones as our primary camera because it is so handy and your smartphone is always with you. They always say that the best camera is the camera that you have with you. However, the camera on the smartphone does lack a few features that normal stand-alone cameras have.

Firstly, the flash on the smartphone is pretty weak and most of the time, is no better than a flashlight. Secondly, you cannot mount a smartphone on a tripod because it does not have the standard tripod mount. Last but not least, your smartphone does not support multiple lenses.

If you are an iPhone 5/5s user, you can address all 3 disadvantages with the Manfrotto KLYP Complete Camera Kit for iPhone 5/5s. This complete kit comes with 3 different accessories. The first is the Manfrotto KLYP SMT LED Light. This is a very bright LED flash that has a 60° beam angle and a luminance of 225 lumens, perfect for lighting up any dark environment. The high quality LEDs maintain vivid colors and natural skin tones. The flash also comes with a tripod mount.

The second accessory is the bumper that not only protects the iPhone from falls and scratches, but it also acts as the  mounting system for the LED flash. Besides the LED flash, the bumper also acts as a mounting system for the third set of accessories, a set of 3 interchangeable lenses. The 3 lenses are a portrait of telephoto 1.5x lens, a landscape or wide angle 0.68x lens and a fisheye 0.28x lens. Last but not least, the kit also comes with a lanyard for maximum safety while shooting photos or videos.



Where to Buy Manfrotto KLYP Complete Camera Kit for iPhone 5/5s


Manfrotto KLYP Complete Camera Kit for iPhone 5/5s

Manfrotto KLYP Complete Camera Kit is the all-in-one photographic solution for iPhone 5/5s. Comes with a set of 3 lenses, an LED light and a tripod mount.

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