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Raise your hands. How many of you have bought a juicer with the intention of living a healthier lifestyle by drinking more juice? And how many of you gave up after just a few weeks and your juicer is now lying hidden somewhere in some dark corner of your kitchen? The part about deciding to live a healthier lifestyle is easy and so is the part on drinking healthy juice on a daily basis. The difficult part is the hassle of cleaning up after each juicing session. What is needed is something like the Juisir, a revolutionary way of juicing that makes juicing as easy as drinking.

Juisir makes cleaning easy because it does not require cleaning at all. This is made possible because the design of this wonder juicing machine requires no contact between the juicer and the fruit and vegetables you are extracting the juice from.

It makes use of special one-time use storage bags that you place all your ingredients into. Then you place the bag into the Juisir. It then exerts about 8 tonnes of compression force to squeeze out just about every drop of juice out of your ingredient bag.

What gets left behind is a paper thin bag that you can just remove and throw away. The whole process takes about just 90 seconds. See, we weren’t kidding when we said the juicing process is as easy as the drinking part as it takes practically no effort from you.

If you are worried about disposable bags and the environment, there is an option to replace them with multiple use bags. Don’t worry too much though because even the single-use bags are made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. The fact that you don’t have to waste water to clean the juicer also contributes towards a greener environment.

Other benefits of using the Juisir is that it is a cold press juicer. That means no heat is introduced during the juicing process thus none of the essential enzymes and other nutrients are destroyed by heat.

If you are interested in making a significant step towards a healthier lifestyle, head on over to the Juisir Kickstarter campaign page and pledge your support. By supporting the campaign, you benefit from a significant discount over the eventual retail price of the Juisir.
Buy from Kickstarter