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Power Steam Hassle Free BBQ Grill Cleaner

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Having a BBQ is a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying great food. BBQs are a lot of fun. The cleaning up afterwards? Not so. Cleaning the BBQ grill at the end of the party is tough work which usually requires a lot of scrubbing and using a lot of harmful chemicals. The Power Steam BBQ Grill Cleaner from the Sharper Image is an eco-friendly steam cleaner that makes easy work out of cleaning the grill without using any cleaning chemicals, electricity or batteries.

All that the Power Steam BBQ Grill Cleaner requires is for you to fill up the water pump reservoir with plain tap water. Then spray the BBQ grill and watch the food residue, burnt BBQ sauce and grease just melt away. Just give the grill a quick scrub with the included stainless steel bristle brush and then a quick rinse.
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Power Steam Grill Cleaner is an eco-friendly grill-cleaning machine that uses the power of tap water to create steam for hassle free cleaning.

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