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11+ World Desk Clock – Traditional and Functional

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Wondering what time it is in London from your end? Normally, you would have to consult Google to find it out. Unless you know the time zones and have a good noddle for numbers. But with the 11+ World Clock, the information is there right away. While the clock face may seem ordinary, it has the ability to display time from 24 different time zones without the need to fiddle with any buttons or settings. Well, you do need to set your current time and time zone once but after that it is a breeze to use. Just roll the clock to the desired city and the number at the 12 o’clock position shows the current hour in that city while the minute hand shows the current minute. Release the 11+ World Clock and built-in weights will roll the clock back to your current time zone.

The 11+ World Clock is not your usual timepiece. While it still works as a clock, it allows an interaction between the user and the device. The clever rolling mechanism may seem more like gimmick than anything but if you need to refer to time in multiple time zones at the same time, the 11+ World Clock is a lot more faster than checking on Google or any multi time zone clock short of having multiple clocks at the same time.

Available in Modern Gray, Midnight Blue, and Orange Passion, the 11+ World Clock runs on a AA 1,5V battery.

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The 11+ World Desk Clock can be rolled to any time zone, while the responsive hands transition back to the correct local time.

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