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Coravin: Pour Wine Without Removing the Cork

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You have no doubt heard of the term saving a bottle of wine for the right occasion. You may even have a bottle or two in your own private wine collection that you are saving for the right moment. Part of the reason why we do this is so that we can savor the moment and sharing a good bottle of wine with friends and loved ones. The other reason is that wine does not last once you pop the cork. Within a few days, that beautiful bottle of merlot you just opened will sour quickly.

What if you can change all this? What if you can just drink a single glass of wine from any unopened bottle and the remainder of the wine in the bottle can continue to age as if it has never been opened? This would definitely change the world of wine drinking forever. The change is already here and it is the Coravin wine system.

The Coravin is a device that allows you to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork. It does this by using a tiny hollow needle to pierce through the cork without damaging it. At the same time, pressurized argon gas is injected into the bottle. The inert argon gas prevents oxygen from entering the wine bottle and thus prevents oxidization. It is the oxidization process that causes the wine to eventually go bad after it has been opened.

After pouring your glass of wine, the needle is extracted and the original wine cork seals itself airtight. The wine bottle can now be returned to your storage. Ready to be enjoyed over and over again months or even years later.

Recently, a new model known as the Coravin Model One has been introduced. The device not costs much less compared to the original Coravin. The new version works just as well as the original but with a lower price, more wine lovers can now benefit from it. The video below demonstrates the Coravin Model 2 but both systems function similarly.

No longer do you have to agonize over which wine bottle to open. No longer do you have to compromise with your spouse or other dinner guests over which bottle to choose. You can now always select the perfect bottle of wine for your food pairing. And imagine going to a restaurant and every single bottle of wine in their inventory can be sold by the glass thanks to the Coravin One.

Best of all, saving a bottle of wine for a special occasion may be a thing of the past. Why save when every day is special?
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Where to Buy Coravin Model One Wine System

The Coravin Wine System lets you pour wine effortlessly without removing the cork, so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle another day.

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