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If your iPhone 6/6s frequently runs out of power, don’t get cranky, get the AMPware Crank Case instead. Touted as the world’s best kinetic power generating case, this phone case comes with a manual crank that you can turn to charge up your iPhone battery. All you need is a little elbow grease and a few minutes of your time.

The Crank Case has a hidden turning handle that flips out from the back of the case. A rubberized knob pops out from the handle providing you with a good grip and ease of turning the handle.

Granted, the AMPware Crank Case is not meant to be a replacement for your wall charger or even a power bank. You do have to turn the crank handle at a good speed to generate a high enough current to start charging you phone. A few minutes of frantic turning and you may start to tire out.

However, a minute of charging is enough for about 2 minutes of talk time. When you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone battery is dead with no means of charging it, that 2 minutes of talk time could be the difference between life and death.

The Crank Case is mainly targeted at those who are often off the power grid for long periods like hikers and campers or even long distance travelers. It was born out of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina where victims do not have access to a reliable power source for an extended period of time.

Besides providing you with power whenever you need it, the Crank Case is also designed to provide extra protection for your iPhone. It has a polycarbonate structure and rubberized edges to protect your phone from falls and hard knocks.

Last but not least, the crank handle also doubles up as a phone stand. Just flip it out to prop up your phone at an ideal angle for a hands-free movie watching experience.
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