The Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup is a great gag gift to give to your wife, girlfriend or any poor unsuspecting female friend. However, be really careful who you give this as the joke may backfire on you and you may end up with the 2 Carat Cup thrown right back at your face.

The Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup is a white porcelain mug with a golden ring-shaped handle, accented by a large, clear Swarovski crystal. What makes the mug such a great gift is that it is packed in a special black velour lined box with just the ring handle showing through the top. The box looks just like a jewelry box (albeit a pretty big one) with the rest of the cup hidden underneath. When used, it looks like the mug holder is wearing a sparkling solitaire diamond ring.

This gag probably works best in a dim environment like after a candlelit dinner. Just be prepared to duck.



Where to Buy Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup


Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup

The Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup is a graceful porcelain cup that adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up!

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