The ZENS Qi Cup Holder Wireless Charger puts a Qi wireless phone charger into your car. While wireless chargers are cool and certainly convenient, they do take a longer time to charge a phone compared to plugging your phone directly to the mains. However, putting a wireless charger into your car makes perfect sense as you do not want to be fumbling with wires while you are driving.

Just drop the ZENS Qi Cup Holder Wireless Charger into the cup holder and plug it into the DC outlet. The ZENS Qi charger has a slot that supports phones with up to 5″ displays. Just drop the phone into the slot and the charger does the rest. Couldn’t be simpler.

The ZENS Qi Cup Holder Wireless Charger supports most phones with built-in Qi charger like the Google Nexus 4 and 5 or those that support Qi charging with additional receiver or sleeve like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3/ S4/ S3 / Note 2/ iPhone 5C / 5S /5 /4 / 4S.



Where to Buy ZENS Qi Cup Holder Wireless Charger


ZENS Qi Cup Holder Wireless Charger

If you have a Smartphone (up to 5″ display) which supports Qi wireless charging, this is a great product for charging your phone while you are driving.

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