The Smartest Bike in the City


The e-Bike or electric bicycle is the vehicle of the future. Trust us. There will come a time when the only forms of transportation left in the future cities of the world will be public mass transportation and the e-Bike. Something also tells us that the Vanmoof Electrified is giving us a sneak peek of what this future is going to be like.

Why do we think so? It is because the Vanmoof Electrified is designed by an ambitious Dutch company that is based in Amsterdam, the bicycle capital of the world. Trust us, the Dutch, especially those from Amsterdam really know their bicycles.

Vanmoof Electrified

At first glance, the Vanmoof Electrified may not look like much. In fact it looks very much like any ordinary bike or one of Vanmoof’s own non-electric bikes. The next thing that hits you is where are the motor and the battery? Vanmoof has cleverly hidden both the motor and the battery to power the bike in the aluminum frame of the bike itself. Also integrated into the top tube of the frame is the small control panel and a remote control. The control panel  features both a battery indicator and a motor power indicator, all easily viewable with just a quick glance.

Vanmoof Electrified

The intelligent part of the Vanmoof Electrified comes from the integrated GPS tracking system that lets the owner find the bike if it is stolen.

What makes the Vanmoof Electrified really stand out from the rest of the crowd is that it is designed for the everyday cyclist. In fact, the aim of Vanmoof is to export the ideals of the Dutch cycling culture to the rest of the world. While it is not cheap by any means, the Vanmoof Electrified is affordable and not priced like a piece of designer art in the form of an electric bicycle. It is currently available for pre-order on the Vanmoof website.