Don’t you hate it when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the night and you reach for the flash light only to find the batteries dead? Most of us tend to forget to check on our car flash light batteries until it is too late. What we need is a durable and reliable flash light that will never let us down in an emergency. What we need is the Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light.

The Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light is made from high quality military grade aluminum and components. The flash light just oozes with quality with its aluminum barrel and rubberized grip. Unscrew the end cap to expose the plug that plugs into any standard vehicle 12V  DC charger. Plug in the Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light to charge and leave it there so that you will always have  a fully charged flash light whenever you need one.

The Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light comes with an indicator light that indicates that the batteries are charging. The end cap also has a built-in compass as an extra feature.


Where to Buy Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light


Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light

The Xtreme Bright Rechargeable Vehicle Light charges using a standard 12V DC vehicle charger and is always ready when you need a flash light.

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