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The entire range of animal wooden figurines from New York City based producer Areaware are listed under the toy section of their webstore. At a glance, these arresting looking wooden figures of bears, apes and elephants do have resemblance to traditional wooden toy figures. But a closer look at the Areaware Wooden Figures by designer David Weeks reveal sophisticated figures that are highly poseable with a unique charm to them. They are much more than just toys.

Each animal figure is made up of multiple wooden blocks hand crafted from wood. The wood is sustainably harvested from new growth Beech wood. Elastic bands join and hold the wooden pieces together and act like joins of the figure. The figures are quite large with Hanno the Gorilla standing as tall as 12 inches.

As toys, kids can spend hours playing with the figures, creating all kind of poses with the elastic muscles. The figures are quite durable like most wooden toys. However, we think that the Areaware Wooden Figures serve better as visual tools for artists. The figures are just as versatile as the human artist mannequins but featuring animals instead.

Of course if you appreciate works of art, the figures make an excellent addition to your collection. Many noted about the figures’ high prices especially for the larger figures. However, if you consider that they are made from eco-friendly wooden material and more like works of art or tools for an artist, the prices are not that unreasonable.

Areaware also produces a human figurine called the Cubebot from the same designer. It comes in various sizes and has elastic-band joints like the animal figurines. Like the animals, they are also highly poseable. However, the Cubebots can also be folded into a wooden cube like a wooden version of a Transformer figure.
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