Be a Walking WiFi Detector


Too cheap to sign up for a data plan for your mobile device? Here is something to help out your scrooging thrifty ways. WiFi Detector Shirt – a t-shirt that detects the strength of nearby WiFi signals.

The front of the WiFi Detector Shirt has a huge animated graphic with glowing bars that light up dynamically to show you the strength of available WiFi networks that you can freeload on.

The t-shirt runs on AAA batteries which unfortunately are not included. Perhaps you can scrooge borrow that from your kid brother’s toy.

The decal and the battery pack can be removed for washing. This is not a concern if you plan to save even more by not washing your shirt.



Where to Buy WiFi Detector Shirt


WiFi Detector Shirt

The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding WiFi signal strength fluctuates. Available in sizes Small – XXL

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