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A waterfall is always a sight to behold but nothing beats the experience of taking a shower at the foot of one. Now, you can have your very own waterfall right in your bathroom with the Axor Starck Heaven Shower Head. This luxurious shower head transforms your every day shower from a mundane activity to an extraordinary and opulent experience.

The Axor Starck Heaven Shower Head is a square ceiling mounted shower head that has three spray zones: bodyzone, rainzone, and laminar spray. It features 405 no-clog spray channels. With its AIR-injection technology, the water is enriched with air making the droplets plumper, lighter, and softer allowing the water to be used more effectively. You have an option between flush mount or exposed installation. The Heaven Shower Head’s basic design makes it fit seamlessly and easily with any bathroom design.

The Axor Starck Heaven Shower Head provides protection to faucets and shower heads from calcareous water, dirt, and cleaning agents. Its faucet aerators comes with flexible silicon nozzles which makes cleaning dirt and limescale easy with just a simple scrub. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. The parts are made from brass, metal and plastic.

Take showering to a whole new level with the Axor Starck Heaven Shower Head. Have an experience like no other.

If a ceiling mounted shower is not feasible or not your thing, perhaps a dual shower head might fit your needs instead.
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