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Bathroom shower speakers are so passe. Sure, they are small and portable but they also sound pretty miserable because of their small size. For a much better audio experience in your bathroom you should upgrade the humble bathroom mirror to a Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror.

Not only does the Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror come with Bluetooth enabled speakers that easily connects to your smartphone you can also connect it to your Echo Dot or other similar smart devices. You will almost feel like a film star with the glamorous LED lights that adorn the sides of the mirror. The LED lights are energy efficient and are quite bright but they are dimmable.

For that added touch of class, the lights are controlled by a super-sensitive touch button located at the bottom of the mirror. The dim or increase brightness, just touch and hold the button. The LEDs emit what is considered natural light which gives you the perfect illumination for applying makeup or ensuring your outfit is the right hue and shade.

All that added gadgetry and functionality surprisingly doesn’t add much girth to the Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror. It is only 1.37 inches thick and best of all, no ugly screws or switches are visible once it is mounted on the wall. The mirror measures 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall.

If you need to add a little pizazz and jazz to your bathroom, the Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror is the perfect accessory.
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