Analyze Your Swing Using 3D Analysis


Have you ever played any of the Nintendo Wii baseball game and used the Wii remote as a bat? Well, the Zepp Baseball is in some ways similar to that setup. Like the Wiimote, it has a motion sensor that captures the movement of the controller in 3D space. However, the Zepp Baseball is much more accurate motion sensor and the captured data is used for improving your swing with the help of an iOS or Android app.

The Zepp Baseball sensor attaches to the handle of the baseball bat but it adds almost no weight to the bat so it won’t affect your normal swing. The motion capture sensor on the Zepp captures thousands of data points with each swing. You can then view each swing in 3D space, zooming in and out, rotating at any angle, and see where your bat made impact with the ball. The sensor also measures maximum bat speed, bat speed at impact, bat path and many other useful information. Compare your swing data with those found in Zepp’s growing database of baseball pros. See how different bat size and weight affects your swing to pick the right bat.

The amount of data and the tools provided by Zepp Baseball to analyze your swing is unprecedented and barely a few years ago, was only made available to professional players. The captured data can be saved and shared via the app or through email.

The Zepp Baseball motion sensor can also be used for analyzing your golf and tennis racket swings. Just purchase the mounts separately and download the free app.



Where to Buy Zepp Baseball Swing Analyzer


Zepp Baseball Swing Analyzer

Zepp Baseball is a revolutionary training system with a high-resolution 3D motion sensor that helps you analyze and improve your swing.

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