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Laptops are getting slimmer and lighter with every new iteration. However, the chargers that comes along with them are lagging behind as they are still as bulky and heavy as ever. There is a reason why we still refer to them as “the brick”. While we can probably get away with a few good hours of use without the need to recharge the battery, having to plug in is inevitable for most users. If you are tired of lugging around your laptop and your charger, it may be worthwhile to invest in the FINsix Dart.

At 1.1 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall, and weighing in at just 3 ounces, the FINsix Dart is by far the smallest and lightest laptop charger in the world. Not only is it light and compact but with 5 color options including metallic orange and blue, it is probably one of the best looking laptop chargers as well.

The FINsix Dart has a 65W rating and 9 universal power tips which makes it compatible with over 95% of today’s laptops and notebooks that work with 65W chargers. Please note that this charger will not support larger gaming laptops or other high performance laptops that require 90W chargers. However, we don’t think that this is such a big issue as the FINsix Dart is obviously targeted at slim and lightweight laptops. If you are using a gaming laptop, a lighter charger is probably not such a big attraction.

The FINsix Dart does supports 100-240 VAC charging which means it can work anywhere in the world. However, it is not compatible with certain laptops including the Microsoft Surface and MacBooks.

A nice included feature is the 2.1-amp USB charging port built into the power cable of the FINsix Dart. This allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet or most other USB devices from a single power outlet. For the road warrior, that is one less item you need lug around with you. That is always a big plus in our books. Another plus point is that the detachable power cord itself is nearly 6 feet long which is just about the right length in our opinion. Long enough so that your distance from the power outlet is not a restriction but not too long to make the cord too heavy.

All laptops do include a charger already so getting the FINsix Dart is an additional cost. Even if you have to replace a damaged or lost charger, it does cost more than other chargers so you will need to ask yourself if it is worthwhile spending extra. We think that the answer will depend a lot on how often you carry along your laptop with you.
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