Portable Bluetooth speakers are very popular and everyone seems to be jumping in with at least one or two models. Besides the design and audio quality, it is also getting harder and harder to distinguish between one speaker from another. The JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is setting itself apart from the competition by including a rather interesting feature. It comes with programmable LED lights that pulse to the music from the speakers.

The JBL brand is quite well known for its high quality speakers with impressive audio capabilities. The JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker does not disappoint either in the audio department. Pairing with a smart device is easy as it supports NFC. The LED light show can be switched off if needed to conserve battery. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours with the light show or up to 10 hours without.

Additional light themes can be downloaded from JBL if you are tired of the ones that come with the speaker. Now, not only can you bring along music for your party along with you, you can provide the light show as well.



Where to Buy JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Meet the multi-dimensional JBL Pulse capable of transforming wherever you are into a party featuring high-fidelity, room-filling JBL sound pulsed to a series of pre-programmed light themes controlling brightness and color plus wireless Bluetooth for ease of connection to a wide range of smart devices.

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