Mobile gaming used to require a portable gaming console the likes of Nintendo DS or PlayStation Vita. However, ever since the explosion of smartphone and tablets, almost everyone now owns a portable gaming console. However, as a gamer, I must admit that sometimes on screen buttons and touch controls are not adequate replacements for physical buttons and directional pads. Some games just play better with my thumbs pressing furiously on real buttons. The JXD S7800b Android 4.2 Gaming Tablet is a 7 inch quad-core tablet that is targeted at the gaming crowd by adding gaming buttons on an Android tablet.

The JXD S7800b Android 4.2 Gaming Tablet looks very much like an oversized version of the PSP. It has more or less than same button layout including a couple of shoulder buttons and stereo speakers. Other than these extra features, the tablet cum gaming console is very much an Android tablet. The screen is a 7 inch 5 point capacitive 1280×800 resolution display. It even has HDMI output so that you can connect to a full size TV for console-like gaming.

JXD S7800b buttons

Being a hybrid device, you can enjoy both games that play better with physical buttons as well as traditional touch screen Android games. If you are a fan of classic gaming, just install an emulator on the JXD S7800b Android 4.2 Gaming Tablet, pop in a few of your favorite ROMs and you are in classic gaming haven.

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JXD S7800b Android 4.2 Gaming Tablet

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JXD S7800 Table PC Game Handheld Console

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