Charging our smartphones is something that we need to do everyday. It is like a modern age ritual and almost everyone does it. If there is any way to make this daily ritual any easier, it gets our seal of approval. We love wireless inductive charging as it saves us the trouble of plugging in a cable. The iPhone 5 Magnetic Conductive Charger takes inductive charging one step further by adding magnetism to the charging station.

The iPhone 5 Magnetic Conductive Charger mounts over an existing wall plate. It also comes with a special case for the iPhone 5 that allows it to support inductive charging. Now, all you have to do to charge your iPhone is to just slap it magnetically to the wall charger. It is as simple as that.

The only thing that would have made it better is if the extra case was not required. Perhaps the next version of the iPhone will natively support inductive charging like some of the Android phones.



Where to Buy iPhone 5 Magnetic Conductive Charger


iPhone 5 Magnetic Conductive Charger

The iPhone 5 Magnetic Conductive Charger’s gravity-defying magnet lets you charge phone in landscape or portrait view. Look Ma! No wires. Buy from