The Amplifier in an Altoids Tin


The CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifier was originally designed by Chu Moy. It is a simple design that fits into an Altoids tin and runs many hours on a single 9V battery. Instructions were provided to those who wanted to build their own.

Over time, kits were made available to those who wanted to build one but didn’t want the hassle of sourcing for all the individual parts. It is inevitable that eventually fully assembled CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifiers became available as well.

The CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifier is used for boosting the volume and audio quality of headphones and also smaller speakers. You can get higher volumes without maxing out the volume knob on the player. For what is basically a DIY design, the CMOY easily rivals many higher priced and branded amplifiers on the market.

Of course, not all CMOYs are made the same. Some use cheap components. This one uses TI TLE2426 rail splitter virtual ground for stable performance and Burr Brown OPA 2134 op amp for perfect sonic clarity. Get the CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifier and you too can be rocking a “DIY” headphone amplifier.



Where to Buy CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifier


CMOY Pocket Headphone Amplifier

High quality fully assembled CMOY headphone amplifier kit. This amplifier is constructed with only high quality components. Not all CMOY kits are created equal, others use cheap low quality parts and circuit boards.

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