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Have you ever felt so tired that you wish that you can just shut your eyes for awhile and take a quick nap? Well, with the Aros Inflatable Sleep Hoodie all you have to do to catch some Z’s is to pull the hood over your head, inflate the hidden inflatable pillow and drift off to la-la-land.

The Aros Inflatable Sleep Hoodie is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign and it was originally called the Hypnos Hoodie. The name change was due to a trademark dispute over the original name. What makes the world’s first sleep hoodie special is of course the hidden inflatable pillow in the hood. The wonderful thing about the pillow is that when it is deflated, you won’t notice it. The hoodie looks just like any fashionable, high quality hoodie.

The air pillow is designed to contour to your head thus providing you the utmost comfort. It inflates easily with just a few quick puffs and deflating it is just as easy. You can also adjust the position of the pillow to support your neck, the side of your head or the back of your head. If all things fail, you can even just remove your hoodie, roll it up and use it like a normal pillow. The inflatable pillow can also be removed from the hoodie.

With the Aros Inflatable Sleep Hoodie, you can now easily catch a quick restful nap while commuting to the work or home, or even take a power nap to get yourself refreshed to prepare for an all-nighter at work. It is perfect for all you creatives, travelers and commuters.

The Aros Inflatable Sleep Hoodie is available in different styles for both men and women. The fitted styles are more figure hugging while the relaxed fit styles give a little more room. They also come in different sizes and the smallest ones should fit kids 12 years and older.
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