Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology is the new buzzword. It refers to smart everyday physical objects that are connected to the internet and are able to identify themselves to other devices. ThinkEco is a leading IoT company whose products turn your existing household equipment into smart objects that are energy efficient and easy to use. Their ThinkEco smartAC Kit is designed to turn any plug-in air conditioner in your home into a smart air conditioner.

The ThinkEco smartAC Kit consists of a modlet, a USB gateway and a smartAC thermostat. The modlet plugs into the AC power outlet and the air conditioner is then plugged into the modlet. To configure the modlet, the USB gateway needs to be plugged into a computer. Lastly, the smartAC thermostat is used to set and control the room temperature. It does this by working in tandem with the modlet by turning the AC on and off. If you have an existing WiFi network at home, you do not need the USB gateway as the modlet can be connected and configured via your network.

If you have a WiFi netwrok, you can also monitor, control and schedule your AC usage from anywhere and anytime using an app on your smartphone. The smartAC also provides minute-level energy data capture. The system is a simple but effective way to reduce energy usage by preventing over cooling.



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ThinkEco smartAC Kit

The ThinkEco smartAC kit allows you to wirelessly network your built-in air-conditioner so you can save energy and have better control.

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