Last year, Nvidia released the Nvidia Shield (aka Shield Portable), a portable gaming console based on the Android OS and sporting Nvidia’s top of the range Tegra4 chipset. This year, instead of following up with an update to the Shield Portable, Nvidia has instead released the Nvidia Shield Tablet, an Android tablet that is targeted at the gaming crowd.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is a hybrid between a portable console and a full console. Instead of integrating the display with the controller, Nvidia has split both these components into a super Hi-Res 1900 x 1200 pixel 8 inch tablet powered by the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and a wireless controller that is sold separately. In fact, you can now connect up to 4 wireless controllers together for some multi-player action just like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is the first and only tablet that is designed for serious gaming. The hardware specs literally blows away the competition. Furthermore, unlike the Shield Portable, the Shield Tablet is also a kick-ass tablet on which you can do your normal tablet-y things on like ..erm.. watching YouTube videos or browsing for gadgets on GetdatGadget.

As for the controller, since it no longer has to house the display plus all the tablet hardware inside, it is much lighter and much more comfortable for extended play.

While the Nvidia Shield Tablet is not as portable as the Shield Portable, you can still game on-the-go by just using the tablet by itself but have a frag-fest by adding the controllers.



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Nvidia Shield Tablet

The world’s fastest mobile processor. Unbeatable graphics, video, and audio. Pair the Nvidia Shield Tablet with the wireless controller for ultimate gaming.

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