Your Very Own Private Light Show


The Hypnotic Light Cube consists of an array of 4 x 4 x 4 RGB LEDs (64 in total) arranged in a transparent cube. Each of the RGB LEDs can light up in multi colors. When combined together and controlled by a microprocessor, the  Hypnotic Light Cube can put up a truly hypnotic and dazzling animated light show.

Combine this with soothing music and you have yourself a private light show to relax or zone out to after a stressful day. Put on some dance music and you have yourself the ambiance for a party.

Watch the video below and don’t be surprised if you end up wasting 9 minutes being mesmerized by the light show.

There are about 50 different patterns so it takes quite awhile before the patterns repeat themselves. However when combined with the different colors, there is an endless number of combinations and chances are you will never seen the exact pattern-color combination more than once.

For the more technical and adventurous users out there, the Hypnotic Light Cube does come with instructions on how to modify and reprogram the cube. Instructions and sample code can be found at the manufacturer’s website.

The Hypnotic Light Cube may seem a little expensive but those RGB LEDs do cost a lot.


Where to Buy The Hypnotic Light Cube


The Hypnotic Light Cube

An amazing light show with virtually unlimited variations.

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