It is rather strange. The more that technology invade our everyday lives, the more that we long for the good old days and all things retro. But yet at the same time, we cannot live without the convenience that technology afford us. That is why we end up with products like the Areaware Radio Dock that satisfies our craving and fascination with retro designs while hanging on to the technology that we are so familiar and comfortable with.

The Areaware Radio Dock is nothing more than just a simple dock for the iPhone 4 or 5. It looks like an old school radio complete with speaker grooves on the front and a retro styled brass handle. The body is made from beech wood and there are no electronics in the dock. The speakers are just for show although there is a hole in the docking bay for charging your iPhone while it is docked.

To complete the retro radio look, you can download the Public Radio app with an old tuner dial look.



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Areaware Radio Dock

The Areaware Radio Dock is made of beech wood with brass handle, and looks like a good old clock radio that you may have had on your nightstand long ago.

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