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Cooking can be fun but standing for hours while stirring a pot constantly to prevent the contents from getting burned, not so much. There is a reason why there is a saying that goes, “Slaving over a hot stove”. One possible solution is to rope in your significant other to do the hard work. But that may raise other problems. A much better solution is the StirMate Smart Pot Stirrer. It is like having a non-stop, non-complaining, helping hand.

How often have you been turned off by a recipe that requires you to simmer and stir constantly for “x” number of minutes or even hours? With the StirMate, such recipes are no longer such a physical challenge as they once were. The StirMate is a motor-driven robot stirring machine that can stir non-stop for hours. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that is rated to last up to 13 hours once fully charged.

The outer construction is made from plastic but the motor that drives the StirMate gives plenty of torque. It is perfect for all kinds of recipes that require constant stirring from soups to marinara sauce to sticky candy. It is good to note that while it is powerful, the motor is relatively silent. The stirring paddle is also made from plastic but it is made from FDA High Temperature (520° F) food grade plastic. So no worries about it melting while stirring.

The StirMate’s smart design lets it fit pots of varying diameters from 6 to 12 inches. By adjusting the height of the stirring paddle, it can fit pot depths between 3 to 9 inches. That should cover just about every cooking pot in a normal home kitchen.

Setting up the StirMate cooking tool couldn’t be easier. Just pop the stirring paddle through the hole at the end of the arm and then clip it to the side of the pot. Press the start button and then you can make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of the day off. No more slaving over a hot stove.
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