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Every year, more than 11 million packages get stolen. It is not all that surprising. Many delivered packages just get left in front of the front door and out in the open where anyone walking by can just pick it up and disappear with it. Anyone who has had a  package stolen knows that it can be a huge pain to get it replaced or refunded. And that is if you are lucky. Investing in a product like BoxLock smart padlock is a good idea for preventing such pains in the future.

Stolen packages are a huge problem and that is why Amazon recently introduced Amazon Key that allow the delivery company access to your front door. However, not everyone is comfortable with allowing a total stranger enter their home. The BoxLock is a much less intrusive solution that involves a locked delivery container that you place outside your home.

The BoxLock system consists of a fairly large, yellow padlock. It is a smart padlock that only opens when there is a package addressed to you that is out for delivery on that day itself. How does the padlock know this? It connects wirelessly to the internet via WiFi and downloads your account data from USPS Informed Delivery, UPS MyChoice, Fedex Delivery Manager and Amazon Prime.

Built into the BoxLock padlock is a scanner that can read the package label. When the right package is scanned, the padlock opens thus giving the delivery person access to your container. Delivery person puts package in container and re-locks the BoxLock. Simple but effective.

Best of all, the system immediately sends out a notification to your smartphone that the delivery has been made. The other great thing about this system is that the delivery person doesn’t need to have a smartphone or use a special app. The system is simple and straightforward enough even for someone who is unfamiliar with it.

The BoxLock has other uses as well. You can generate a special one-time-use label and share it with anyone you want to let access the lock. This method can be used for delivery companies that aren’t supported by the online system yet. So you can give access to your local neighborhood grocer and have your groceries safely delivered although they are currently not supported.
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