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Star Wars Scented Candles – I Scent a Disturbance in the Force

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Have you ever wondered what a Wookie smells like? Or how about the stink of a Trash Compactor on the detention level of the Death Star? Curious about the scent of ionized air during a Lightsaber Battle? Wonder no more. You can now satisfy your curiosity with the Star Wars Scented Candles Set.

The scented candles come in three different sets – one for each movie in the original trilogy. Each of the sets has 5 different scented candles and come packed in an elegant black Limited Edition Collector’s box that also doubles up as display stand.

The New Hope set has scents of Bantha Milk, Wookiee, Trash Compactor, X-wing Cockpit, and our personal favorite, Cantina Bar. The Empire Strikes Back set contains scents of Inside of a Tauntaun, Millennium Falcon, Yoda’s Cooking Pot, Han Solo in Carbonite, and Lightsaber Duel. Rancor, Sarlacc Pit, Jabba’s Palace, Ewok and Death Star Destroyed are all found in The Return of the Jedi set.

The Star Wars Scented Candles gift sets make perfect gifts for any Star Wars fan. You can also gift them to yourself. No one will blame you.
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Where to Buy Star Wars Scented Candles Set

The official Star Wars Scented Candles sets are special, unique collectibles for Star Wars fans who are curious about the smells of their favorite universe.

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