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Packed lunches are a great thing. Who wouldn’t love to have a specially and lovingly prepared lunch? Besides being a much more healthier alternative to eating out or store-bought lunches, you get to save money too. However, unless you have access to a microwave, there is one big disadvantage to bringing lunch from home. Most of the time your lunch is cold by lunch time. That is why we highly recommend the portable electric heating lunch box.

This practical and portable electric heating lunch box is not just the ideal lunch box for transporting food from home but it also doubles up as a food warmer. All you have to do is to add a little water to the bottom of the lunch box, plug the lunch box in and turn it on. Within a few short minutes, the water boils and the lunch box acts as a steamer that heats up the food inside.

There are several versions of the electric heating lunch box but the one we got to try out comes in 2 layers. Each layer consists of a food-grade stainless steel container with the silicone lid. The containers are quite large and can store quite a lot of food even if you have a huge appetite. The lunch box set comes with a tiny vacuum pump. You can use the pump on the container lid to create a vacuum seal. This ensures that any liquids you store inside will not easily leak out during transport. It is a neat idea and one that we find quite useful.

While the product advertises itself as being suitable for cooking raw food, we did not try this. It is a low powered device and properly cooking food will take far too long to be practical.

For safety, the power gets cut off automatically if the steaming water dries out.
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