Why is R2-D2 black? That’s because that is not R2-D2 but its evil step-brother that was seduced by the dark side, R2-Q5. Okay, we are kidding. Everyone knows that R2-Q5 is an R2-series astromech droid that made a brief appearance in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. If you didn’t know that then the Force is not that strong with you and you should just move along. The fact that R2-Q5 looks rather cool with its black with bronze panels is probably the main reason why we have the Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB.

Although we are big fans of Artoo, we can’t help drooling at the Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB (sorry, Artoo). The 4-port USB hub is very well made and the ports blend in very well with the design of the body panels. When you plug in a USB device, R2-Q5 swivels its head left and right a few times while accompanied by the familiar R2 beeping noises.

While idle, the R2-Q5 USB HUB will do the same head swivel and beeping noises every few minutes. You can also get it to swivel and beep on demand by pressing the switch located at the top of RS-Q5’s head. You can turn off the sound if that gets a little too irritating.

However we were kinda disappointed that the R2-Q5 USB Hub was not able to help us with programming hyperspace co-ordinates.


Where to Buy Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB


Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB

Officially licensed Lucasfilm Japan collectible. Shipped directly from Japan.

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