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The CGear Sand-Free Multimat is a patented military technology that allows sand and dirt to fall through a special sand-free top layer but prevents sand from the ground underneath to go through to the top. Why does the military always get such cool gear? And why is the military spending so much time at the beach?

The answer to that question is that the CGear Sand-Free Multimat wasn’t designed for soldiers to have a sand-free day frolicking at the beach. Rather, it was developed as a portable heli landing pad in sandy or dusty environments. The wind generated by the heli’s propeller kicks up a lot of sand which impairs visibility. With this sand-free mat, sand is trapped under the mat thus creating a sand-free landing zone for the heli.

Just bring the CGear Sand-Free Multimat along with you on your next trip to the beach or camping ground and you have yourself a sand-free environment. Just wipe across the surface with your hand and any sand and dirt particles will fall through the mesh layer on the top.

The mesh layer acts like a one-way filter for the sand particles preventing sand from the ground from getting through the mat. This is possible due to two special layers of synthetic mesh that allows sand to fall through but prevents it from coming back up.

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat has a smooth, plastic-like surface that is very tough and durable but is easy to clean. It is available in 4 different sizes (S, M. L and XL) and in four different colors, navy blue, turquoise, ruby red or lime.

If you hate sand ruining your day of fun, you might also want to check out the CGear Sand-free Tote Bag. This tote bag uses the same mesh technology to keep sand out of your gear while letting the sand that inevitably get into your stuff to fall out from the bag easily.

Now, if only CGear or the military will come up with a mat that keeps away the bugs, annoying children and bullies that kick sand on our faces.

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