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E-bikes have come a long way. What was once a very expensive piece of equipment has now become much more affordable. In recent years, e-bike conversion kits have made the possibility of owning an e-bike become even more likely. The Clip E-bike Conversion Kit is one such option but it is unique because you can instantly convert almost any bike into an e-bike. Best of all, no tools are required for installation. You can even install CLIP on a rental bike and take it with you once you are done.

E-bike conversion kits are add-on kits with electric motors that you can install on a standard bike, turning it into an electric bike. Almost all kits require some sort of installation and the kits are usually semi-permanent. This means that it can be removed but it required time and tools. What this also means is that you run into the risk of losing your bike together with the conversion kit if gets stolen. While bikes with conversion kits are not as expensive as stand-alone e-bikes, it is still a hefty loss.

The CLIP E-bike Conversion Kit removes this risk by allowing you to remove the entire kit and take it along with you. It takes just a few seconds to remove and just as quickly to reinstall it. This also makes the CLIP E-bike Conversion Kit the only option for those who use shared bikes services. You can instantly install it on any bike you rent and then remove it once you are done.

The removable kit contains both the motor and the rechargeable battery. A full charge of the battery takes about 40 minutes and this is sufficient for a 10 to 15 mile commute or about 45 minutes of use.

The CLIP E-bike Conversion Kit works by applying torque directly on the front tire of the bike. This system allows the kit to work without the need for sprockets or gears. Technically, your bike will still work even if the chain is broken. So, no worries about getting stranded by the roadside. Just bike on to the nearest repair shop.

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