The Space Invaders Playing Cards are a truly unique set of playing cards that any die-hard fan of this classic arcade hit or any fan of the 8-bit gaming era would love to add to his or her collection. An officially licensed Taito product and designed by Russian design company Art. Lebedev Studio, these playing cards uses a special perforated design that creates that 8-bit pixelated look plus it gives the cards that truly unique semi-transparent property. Don’t worry, your opponents won’t be able to see your cards. It only looks that way.

So if you need a break from taking down the baddies on Call of Duty or take a load off crushing candy, spending some Solitaire time with the Space Invaders Playing Cards seems like a good idea.



Where to Buy Space Invaders Playing Cards


Space Invaders Playing Cards

The Space Invader playing cards are an officially licensed Taito product. Features an innovative perforation that gives the cards a unique transparency.

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