Four seasonings, one for each season. What an absolutely adorable play of words. Four seasoning bottles, each bottle has a tree or plant representing one of the four seasons. The bottles comes with two hole sizes. A smaller hole for pepper and salt. A bigger one for herbs and bigger spices. Pick the right spice for the right season and the Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker becomes a totally delightful work of art that is bound to be a big hit with your guests at your dining table.

While you can put any spice in any of the bottle, the winter bottle is perfect for sugar or salt while pepper makes a great sandy desert for summer. Crushed red peppers look a lot like autumn leaves. You get the idea.

The Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker bottles are made from food grade Acrylic and ABS plastic plus they are BPA free. The bottles are dishwasher safe and the set comes with a tray for holding the bottles in place for display.



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Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker

Celebrate the four seasons with the delightful Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker. Different hole sizes for both salt, pepper and larger herbs and spices.

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