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I have always wanted my very own Foosball table in my own man cave. Although I have to admit that I’m still working on the man cave bit. At the rate things are going, it is looking like the closest I am going to get to my dream is the Classic Match Foosball add-on accessory for my iPad in my bedroom.

This portable gadget sits under your iPad and allows you to master your pull, bank, and bread butter shot on a table top dock for your iPad. Experience the (almost) real game of Foosball on your iPad and become a master of the game. The Classic Match Foosball comes complete with satisfying “thunk” sounds every time you sink a goal and you even get realistic game and crowd sounds cheering you on.

Classic Match Foosball

Classic Match Foosball features eight functional 2-axis control bars and real scoring markers on opposite ends. By installing the app, you can almost experience the real feeling of being in a Foosball tournament. It features multiple layouts and play fields. You can customize your table and team colors and sponsors. The game comes with buttons on both sides to start kickoff into real play. Up to four persons can play the game. You can select from a 1-man to 3-man goalie options.

With Classic Match Foosball, you get to experience unparalleled play and feel on your iPad. The accessory is compatible with iPad, Ipad 2, iPad 3 and 4, and iPad Air. It works on iOS 5 or higher. You also get access to 3D instant replay and watch the goals again with 3D accelerated graphics.

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